Tarot: Pope
V – Tarot: Pope

Upright: if the querent is a man, this card may indicate that you are too strict and you don’t let yourself get involved too much in situations which instead require more involvement. If the querent is a woman, it may indicate that she’s in a relationship with a man who isn’t involved sentimentally due to heavy commitments. For both sexes it may indicate an external male figure: a boss, a father, a father–in-law, a husband, a male friend. In this case it’s someone not necessarily negative, but a bit rigid and strict, or someone who inspires fear. The Pope upright is really a good card only when it represents a doctor (if for example the querent has asked about health)

Reversed: if the querent is male, the card may refer to the querent himself and indicates he’s behaving badly and he knows it. For either sex, the card may refer to an external male figure who behaves badly in any sector of life, or is seen as doing so by the querent.