business-horoscopeWhat a business horoscope is

An interesting application of astrology for business consists in drawing up a business horoscope based on the birth date of the company, that is the day of the month, place, year in which the business is born and the time of birth of the company, which is the time when one went to legally register one’s company at a solicitor’s or an accountant’s. If the solicitor made you wait, that is, he gave you an appointment for 17.00 and he received you at 17.45, the birth date of the company is still the time at which you had the appointment.
The best thing to do would be to consult the astrologist before making the appointment with the solicitor, so that the astrologer can find the best time and date to start your activity.
With the company horoscope you’ll be more aware of the strengths and weak points of the company, and with the study of the transits of the planets, the astrologer will be able to help you establish more or less favorable periods to undertake activities.

The horoscope of an employee

It is also possible, should you want to find out more about the professional attitudes of an employee, and if the latter consents, to drawing up his chart so as to employ him in the company to the best advantage.

Ways of reading a company horoscope

In the interpretation of a company horoscope the position of the lunar nodes are anyway analyzed as part of the horoscope, since a company, too, has its karma linked to the karma of its founders and its own line of development which will allow the business to improve and the founders to overcome some personal karmic nodes.
Today many companies make use of astrology to guide the management of their affairs.

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