It’s very important for everyone that wants to improve himself and to follow the path of emotional hygiene and spiritual development to live in an ambience (house, shop, study) that’s energetically healthy and harmonious. Living and working in a harmonious space is also important for ensuring the success of our undertakings. Esperienze di Luce  promotes the study and application of the techniques listed in this section with the aim of rendering possible the creation of harmonious environments in which to live and/or work.

Feng Shui

to live in an ambience energetically healtyh and harmonious

Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of harmonising spaces.
According to Feng Shui there are houses which are more or less suitable in themselves and ones more or less suitable for a particular person.
Sometimes there are houses that are fine from a financial point of view but not from the point of relationships, and vice versa, just as there are houses that are extremely harmful health wise.
There are rare cases in which houses are perfectly harmonious and only need a minimal adjustment from a Feng Shui expert.
Almost always people choose “unconsciously” houses which reflect their karmic problems: if someone has a karmic problem with money, for example, they’ll tend to choose a place to live that is lacking from a financial point of view, etc.
Probably after having done karmic cleansing and therefore having cleansed the cell memory of the karmic problem at issue, the person, once having removed a certain problem, will tend to choose a more suitable abode. Despite all this, however, he might single out a house which has problems of other kinds. For this reason, it is a good idea to be assisted in the choice and the harmonisation of a house by a good Feng Shui expert.
All this applies to the choice of a work place, whether a studio or shop etc and not just to one’s abode.
The help of the Feng Shui expert may vary from the suggestion of using easy tips in the use of certain colours to decorate an ambience or moving furniture and/or objects from one part of the home to another, to the suggestion of structural changes such as putting the kitchen where the bathroom is, and so on. The amount of changes depends obviously on the level of disharmony that the expert finds in the house (or work place).
The Feng Shui expert also deals with detecting and neutralising geopathic stress caused by protracted exposure in an environment to electrical appliances, computers, antennae and transmitters, or pathogenic zones, such as aquifers, Hartmann or Curry nodes, or areas of less or greater intensity of radon gas.

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