Spiritual and karmic astrology
Is a map, which through the study of karma and dharma in an individual birth chart (karmic horoscope) permits a wider comprehension of one’s personal development destiny (also on Skype). Contact me for further information

Medical astrology
Allows by the means of the reading of an individual birth chart from a medical angle (medical horoscope) the pin pointing of weak points in health, and thus by singling out the physical, psychic and spiritual elements which may generate illness, is able to indicate a means of valid prevention without substituting medical care (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Compatibility astrology
Through a reading of an integrated horoscope and a synastry (comparison of two individual birth charts) one may comprehend which fields of activity two people have in common and their compatibility of character. It’s of use for couples, or any other kind of relationship e.g. parent/child, business partners (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Business astrology
Through business astrology one may become more aware of strong or weak points of a business, not least be able to select times for favourable undertakings. Furthermore through a reading of employees’ horoscopes, of course with their consent, one is able to figure out how to locate them in the company to their full potential (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Solar revolution
From the horoscope for the current year (from birthday to birthday) one is able to calculate the strong and weak points to be faced in the year (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Channeling with a facilitator
One may ask advice from the Beings of Light as regards some choice to be made or for more illumination or comprehension in any field of life. Through channeling one may obtain information on past lives and communicate with those who’ve passed away (also by email or on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Activating contact with the Angel Guide
With three individual sessions one can learn to contact one’s own Angel Guide and those of others, and indeed call on Angels for help in everyday life (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Karmic cleansing
With relatively few sessions (7 or 8) you can remove from the cell memory memories and convictions from past lives – or archetypes in the Jungian sense – to replace them with a healing experience and positive convictions (for this you need to make a personal appointment). Contact me for further information.

Mindful tarot card reading
When you approach tarot card reading with awareness, you realize that divination is possible only in certain cases. When the outcome of a certain situation depends predominantly on an elaboration of one’s self, the tarot cards will be a tool of awareness enabling comprehension of how your energy changes over time and consequently how to channel it to the best (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.

Space cleansing
Allows the removal of energies of polluting forms of thought and memories of possibly unpleasant events (operative modalities to be discussed). Contact me for further information.

Exterior and interior furnishing
Selecting a furnishing plan that brings out the best of your potentials, will help you achieve them in your daily life. Planning a harmonious terrace or garden will enhance this even further. Contact me for further information.