Tarot: Emperor
IV – Tarot: Emperor

Upright: if the querent is a man, it may refer to him and indicate complete success in the area or areas most at heart. If the querent is a woman the card indicates the man in her heart, or the need to get in touch with her masculine side and put it in action (for example showing more guts to achieve what she wants)

Reversed: if the querent is a man the upturned card may refer to him indicating a partial failure in the field or fields most at heart. If the querent is a woman it indicates a weakening of the man she loves, because the woman has less intense sentiments or his feelings are dwindling, or because he’s physically or psychologically distant. Or it may mean that a woman doesn’t express her masculine side enough, in the sense of the ability to terminate actions successfully, or a man who doesn’t express his strength, his ability to give a woman love or live out his sexual life.