Compatibility horoscope, integrated horoscope and synastry

When one draws a compatibility horoscope one intends as a couple, a couple of partners, of friends, work colleagues or business partners, or any other type of couple: mother and child, father and child, doctor and patient, teacher and pupil etc.
The couple horoscope includes both the integrated horoscope of the two persons in question, that is a third horoscope drawn from the two individual birth horoscopes and the synastry, that is the comparison of the planets of one with the other.
One needs to take both into account for a complete astrological reading of the couple; the integrated horoscope is useful for defining the areas in which the two can have something in common, what good things they can do together and what will be difficult for them because the right energy isn’t created; while synastry is useful for checking for compatibility of character.
For example, let’s suppose two people have had a love affair for some time but that one of them shies off wanting to live together. Through an integrated horoscope it will be possible to see if the energy for setting up a home is totally absent in the couple, or if the reticence of one of the partners may be overcome; while synastry might be able to advise how to improve reciprocal behaviour patterns for a better harmony of the couple.

Aims of a compatibility horoscope

When in Esperienze di Luce a compatibility horoscope is analyzed we take into account the couple’s lunar nodes, or the karmic nodes that two people have to untie together and the way in which they may grow together, thus facilitating the evolution of their souls.
Each meeting with someone, in fact, even the encounter of parents and children is a chance for the soul’s growth through the problems posed by the relationship. The compatibility horoscope is especially useful for a deeper comprehension of the mechanisms sometimes generated in a couple of two partners; of how to deal with one’s children; if there is compatibility between two people in order for them to be business partners.

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