What channeling is

The term channeling started to be used in the 70s about the same time as the birth of New Age, even though it comprises very ancient and diverse techniques. In specialist dictionaries it is usually defined as a “process by which a human being enters an altered state of consciousness and communicates information from non physical entities”.

Shamanism and channeling

Perhaps other techniques could be included in this process, such as shamanism and spiritism, which however have specific distinctive confines.
In classic shamanism, for example, the contact with the non physical entity is the consequence of a precise intent on the part of the shaman and proceeds by means of the making of a journey, in which it is the practioner who makes the initiative.
In channeling the rapport with the entity isn’t necessarily the result of a choice made by the receiver; the entity, in fact, may manifest itself quite spontaneously, independently of the receiver’s will.

Spiritism and channeling

In popular spiritism the medium acts as a communication channel between living humans and deceased souls recognizable to the querents, whilst in channeling the entities contacted also include other categories: Beings of Light, Angels, mythical beings, sages, etc.

Possible uses of channeling

In its most developed approach, channeling aims at contact with the main Spirit Guide, or Angel Guide, which has the task of protecting us and accompanying us for the span of our earthly existence. Together with the main Spirit Guide it’s possible to contact other benefic entities or Beings of Light who are sometimes too luminous to contact directly.
An ulterior possible mode implicates the facilitation of channeling itself. In this case the channeler instead of monopolizing the rapport with the entity gives the querent the means and support to permit an experience of channeling. This experience, far from being exclusive to mediums, is available to whoever sincerely wishes for it. It’s not a difficult task, since this contact has always existed; it’s more a question of being aware of it and of recognizing its keys of access.

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