Esperienze di Luce offers a course of Tarot card study and reading lead by Paola Pierpaoli.

The course combines theory and practice, drawing on Paola’s thirty years experience with Tarot cards.

Paola will explain the symbolism of the alchemic journey which is contained in the Major Arcana and also the meaning of the Minor Cards, and will give methods and techniques for Tarot card reading.

An enlightened Tarot reading allows a deeper understanding of oneself and others, and enables one to handle situations better. In some cases, but not always (see the Tarot subsection) it allows one to know the outcome of a situation.

Through 16 live online lessons of two hours each on a weekly basis, the course makes it possible for everyone to easily follow the lessons from home. Also a closed group will be created, to discuss the online course with the teacher, which is especially useful especially at the stage when  the Tarot reading practice starts.

At the end of the course participants will obtain certification of their expertise in their knowledge and use of the Tarot.

The Tarot reading course starts twice a year, in November and in March.


History of Tarot
Ethics of Tarot reading
How to create your own deck and how to use it
How to prepare the perfect setting for a reading
When to use the Tarot
How to open your channel to a good Tarot reading
The trip alchemical Tarot: The symbolism of the Major Arcana
The ‘Active’ cards of the Major Arcana
The ‘passive’ cards of the Major Arcana
Games with the Major Arcana (for a reading)
Meaning of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot
Games with the Major and Minor Arcana collection (for a reading)
How to link Tarot cards
How to gain confidence in reading the Tarot
Common Mistakes in reading
How to purify oneself after a Tarot reading
Can you read your own cards? The final answer: when and why
Guided Tarot readings and teacher supervision of the participants’ readings

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