beings of lightBeings of Light and the opening of the heart chakra

There are different ways of approaching channneling. In the experience of Paola Pierpaoli, the best way to enter into contact with Beings of Light is through the opening of the chakra of the heart and the overcoming of the limits of one’s ego.
The ego is a degeneration of the Self, owing to competition and conflict, which separates us from others, the rest of creation and the source of inner light.
When the heart is truly open, vibrations become higher and for this reason we resonate with everything in the universe that has high vibrations.
When we are in this state of openheartedness, if we so desire, we may enter into contact with the many Beings of Light that normally have higher vibrations than ours. In this sense we’re all potential channelers.
In this state we may hear the voice of our Higher Self, and may communicate with our main Spirit Guide (or Angel Guide) who protects us and lights our path for at least one incarnation span.
Furthermore we may hear the voices of devas of nature, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Spiritual Masters.

Removing communication blocks with Beings of Light

The main obstacle to the possibility of opening the heart chakra and communication with Beings of Light is the ego, which wants to remain separate from the inner source of light (the Higher Self, other human beings and the rest of the universe). For this reason, a good preparation for channeling requires the need to de-structure the ego’s mechanisms, so that the heart chakra may awaken itself.
When we’re children again we will be able to talk to our invisible friend (the main Spirit Guide or Angel Guide) with trees and wood fairies, and we will be able to see the Angels.
Reawaking the chakra of the heart means, in fact, for an adult, to become a child who has awareness.

There are exercises that help you get centered in your heart, and  feel  safe without having to resort to the ego’s attacks and defense mechanisms. During channeling training  a lot of time is dedicated to the practice of these exercises. To give you an idea, and in order to carry out a practice by yourself, dance is a great way to transcend the ego, to relieve problems and concerns, root oneself, open the heart to an experience of joy. So you can try to dance, when you are alone at home and do not fear the judgment of others, possibly using rhythmic  music, for example African, or    Osho’s Nataraj Meditation. If you practice the dance for at least twenty / thirty consecutive minutes, at the end you will feel light and happy, devoid of all worries, in harmony with other human beings and with creation, and childlike. At the same time, while you are lightened, thanks to stomping of your feet, you’ll be also well rooted. The power of dance! Perhaps the effect will not last long, but this is the state most suitable  to feel the presence of your Angel Guide and to address the world of invisible light. 


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