At this point, get yourself a deck of Tarots. To start with just the Major Arcana are sufficient.
If you buy the deck, or you receive them as a gift, after having created a mental void, using a technique you know (deep breathing or something else), shuffle the cards being sure that in the end some cards are upright and others reversed (for this reason don’t use cards with the figures cut in two), finishing to mix them when you feel it’s enough. Trust what you feel.
Now you’ve infused your energy into the deck, unless you’ve lent them to someone else you don’t need to repeat this, then you have to repeat every time others use the deck. Now you’re ready to pull out on your own, one card for the day, for the week, for the month, for the year or for an important situation in your life. With your intentions you communicate to the Tarot the request for the desired moment.
If, after you have picked a card, you feel you need further explanation, you can pick out another card or a third one. However don’t pick out more than four or five cards linked to a specific question.

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