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Primal peace is that which manifests itself in the heart of men when they become aware of the links that bind them to the universe and all its powers (Black Elk – Lakota)

Esperienze di Luce was started by Paola Pierpaoli in 1985 within a background of research in physical, psychic and spiritual wellness and illuminating encounters with experts in the field.
Paola Pierpaoli and the members of the association share the conviction that taking care of the physical, psychic and spiritual planes is indispensable for a wholistic wellness.
American Indian culture is a reference point for Esperienze di Luce.
This culture honoured everyday reality in a profound respect of man for his fellow man, and of man for nature.
As in all shaman cultures the American Indians tended the human body and psyche using ritual purifications.
Lastly the Indians maintained a connection with the divine, seeking a personal vision.
Thus, among American Indians, all the things essential for the human being to be integer were honoured, maintained in equilibrium and harmony.
All the work of Esperienze di Luce has the aim of aiding people to find or rediscover their wholeness.
Exploring this site you’ll find paths suggested by Esperienze di Luce aimed at making this beautiful dream come true.


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Karmic Cleasing

Karmic cleansing as understood in Esperienze di Luce is closely linked to the thirty years’ research of Paola Pierpaoli in the field of physical, psychic and spiritual wellness.More info

Tarot Cards

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Paola Pierpaoli

I’m Paola Pierpaoli, a teacher, author, astrologer and channeler. I have been involved in spiritual wellness since 1985, the year in which I started to be interested in karmic astrology. At that time I was in analysis with a Bioenergetics…More info


It’s really important for all who desire self improvement and follow a path of emotional hygiene and spiritual development to live in an environment (house, business, studio) that’s energetically healthy and harmonious.More info


In this section we’ll communicate dates and the program of lectures, courses and seminars organized in Esperienze di Luce sufficiently ahead of time.More info


On this page you can find all the courses of Esperienze di LuceMore info


On this page are listed all the types of consultation offered by Paola Pierpaoli.More info

About Esperienze di Luce

The journey undertaken with Paola was a real “reawakening” bringing together spirituality and day-to-day practical life; the Angels made my hidden talents emerge along a path to pure awareness transcending any duality.