ancella-karmic-cleasingWhat karmic cleansing is

Karmic cleansing as understood in Esperienze di Luce is closely linked to the thirty years’ research of Paola Pierpaoli in the field of physical, psychic and spiritual wellness.
Karmic cleansing is the possibility to remove from the memory of the cells memories and convictions linked to traumatic situations in previous lives- or to archetypes in Jung’s sense- substituting them with healing experiences and positive convictions.
Since the beginning of New Age the importance of positive thinking has often been talked about, in that if we think in a positive manner we’re able to attract situations which resonate with our positivity and vice versa if our thoughts are negative; the same is valid for unconscious thought, which from unconscious negative thought must become unconscious positive thought.

Karma and Jungian archetypes

According to Paola Pierpaoli’s experience of many sessions of karmic cleansing work with very diverse persons, karma is the tendency to repeat the same patterns of suffering until one finds the way of changing them. Karma therefore is not expiating for something bad that’s been committed in a past life, according to the law of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” but rather a compulsion to repeat.
If one has problems in believing in reincarnation, one may think of the patterns of suffering that constitute karma in terms of the archetypes of the collective unconscious as in Jung: for example someone could be the bearer of the archetype of the man always left by women, or someone robbed by others, or who is unable to affirm himself in the work field etc.
Since no one really knows how things are really as regards incarnation, today it’s possible only to base oneself on experience.

How karmic cleansing put into practice

In the method practiced and taught by Paola Pierpaoli to carry out a karmic cleansing the person is wide awake and is guided to remember the patterns of past lives- or archetypes- which have generated pain and erroneous convictions.
Once the patterns pertinent to the problem- or problems- exposed by the person in question have been identified, the energetic ties with all the main figures of one or more traumatic situations are cut, whether it’s matter of a trauma from a past life or an archetype; and the person begins to feel more free and lighter. Generally speaking six or seven sessions are required to carry out a karmic cleansing, unless the person has something particularly traumatic to resolve, in which case more sessions are necessary.

The effects of karmic cleansing

Each person reacts in a different way, but after three or four karmic cleansings one starts to feel better, thoughts improve, new ones emerge, and possible solutions are imagined for the problems described in the first session. People start to love themselves more and the world outside begins to react in a more positive way, one doesn’t find oneself again in the same old situations or one’s able to spot them immediately and avoid them.

Karmic cleansing and psychotherapy

Karmic cleansing is sometimes enough to solve various types of existential unease; in other cases it needs to be flanked by or continued with psychotherapy: in cases like this, a type of psychotherapy which takes into account body work and blocked emotions in the body, in that a psychoanalytical approach of the purely verbal kind would not be as efficacious.

An example of karmic cleansing

Anna couldn’t find the right partner and went from one wrong sentimental experience to the next. In a past life she had made an oath of eternal love to a husband who died in warfare, and for this reason in her current life she had an unconscious conviction of only being happy with him: consequently, she never met “mister right”. It was necessary to cancel from Anna’s cell memory the memory of her dead husband and the oath that she had made to give her the possibility of breaking her repetitive pattern and to live a positive sentimental experience.

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