Making and taking care of a green area adjoining a home, whether it’s a patio or garden, is extremely important for spiritual harmony and development. This can become fundamental for a flat in a city, in which the vital rhythms and construction materials create another world ever more distant from the natural one of our origins.
Not by chance one can witness in big cities and towns a return to care for plants in the most varied environments.
The garden in all its forms is a closed, protected, intimate environment and has always been a place charged with symbolic significance to do with birth, fertility, life itself, but also, the sacred and meditation.
Trees and plants, with their roots grounded in the earth and branches up-stretched to heaven help us to connect to the Cosmos.
By reading the birth charts of people who live in the house, having in mind the need to find the best balance possible between the plants chosen and the urban or rural context in which the terrace/garden has to be found, you can create a haven of peace, serenity and beauty which enables the connection with the life cycle, that stimulates creativity and psycho-physical wellbeing.
All you need is a wall to create a small vertical garden, harmonious to take care of, as you watch it grow and die and grow again, by using the latest techniques and materials.
A garden itself is a spiritual exercise, a source of meditation and acceptance of the cycles of nature, of the finite and the infinite.

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These two photos are of a terraced garden of a house in the country. The desired effect was that of bringing together different but compatible plants letting them grow spontaneously like in a natural ambient. The classical style statue adds a romantic touch to the whole. The owner of this terraced garden in her birth chart combines Cancer (romanticism, nostalgia for the past) and Leo (love of luxury, in this case luxurious plants).

In this small corner of nature created on a terrace in town, the wood of the furniture harks back to trees, the sofa cushions the same shade as the wall and the floor recall clay, i.e. earth. The cane panel at the back of the sofa introduces a further natural element. The effect is completed by the matching colours of the blooms of the plant in close up and the vases on the table. The owner of this terrace has a prevalence of Taurus in her chart (love of nature and of life). Her Moon in Aquarius (innovation, love of experimentation) has given rise to an environment that continually refers to nature through objects tricking us into thinking we’re in nature.

A detail of the same terrace: three simple lanterns, in tone with the colour of the camellias and in dialogue with the shape of the flower-pots and the materials they’re made of, are able to create an atmosphere.

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