Experiences of Light offers a basic course in Karmic Astrology given by Paola Pierpaoli, who has thirty years experience in the field of astrology.

The course starts from the basic level and is therefore open to all.

Through 20 live online lessons of two hours each on a weekly basis, the course allows you to easily follow the lessons from home.

In addition, the creation of a closed group of study will make it possible for participants to exchange files containing materials related to the course with each other and with the teacher, particularly useful especially during the analysis of natal charts.

At the end of the course participants will obtain a certificate stating that they are in possession of the means necessary to read from a karmic view point an individual birth chart ( karmic horoscope) and to interpret planetary transits.

Those who want to continue will further their study with the more advanced astrology courses by arrangement with the teacher.


Over many years of experience, Paola Pierpaoli found the particular importance in the analysis of  a chart from a karmic view of lunar nodes, of two positions of the Black Moon and of asteroids. Especially the two positions of the Black Moon and the analysis of asteroids are generally ignored both in classical and in karmic astrology, and will be the subject of study in the course of basic karmic astrology, along with other more traditional elements.

Each lesson will be both theoretical and experiential, meaning that in each lesson you will analyze the birth charts relating to the subject of the lesson, and, as study progresses, the analysis will be more complete.

Furthermore the teacher ensures the supervision of a number of natal themes that participants will analyze on their own or together, creating study groups, in order to give everyone the opportunity to practice.

During the course the following themes will be treated:

The meaning of the zodiac signs
The zodiac signs in mythology
Sidereal zodiac and intellectual Zodiac
The Ascendant: how we perceive others and how we come into contact with them
The Midheaven: the most important personal achievements
The astrological houses: not only indicators of events, but also the potential to be developed
The Sun and the Moon in karmic astrology and traditional astrology
Personal planets and transpersonal planets and their meaning Traditional astrology and karmic astrology
Jupiter, the great amplifier
Saturn, the karmic master
Retrograde planets contain karmic information?
Harmonious aspects between planets
Disharmonious aspects between planets as opportunities for improvement
Southern lunar node: where we come from, karma
Northern lunar node: where are we going, trends in personal evolution
The lunar nodes in the signs and houses
Dharma as an equilibrium reached between the ascendant lunar node (north) and the descendant lunar node (south)
True Dark moon: the point of excess
The mean Dark Moon: the maximum realization of the soul in daily living
Dark Moon in signs and houses
Chiron: how to heal the deepest personal injury
Chiron in the signs and houses
Asteroids, perhaps details, but very significant
Asteroids in signs and houses
The Moon Progressed as moods and possible events marker
Planetary transits: how to choose the most appropriate times to act and those for reflection and preparing to act


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