Hartmann nodes

The Hartmann lines form a grid at a distance of 2m to 2.5m apart that covers the whole earth and extends radially out of the earth. Where they intersect is known as a “Hartmann node” or knot. Staying for long period on one of these nodes is considered extremely damaging for the health, especially if combined with aquifers or fault lines, which are retained able to intensify the harmful radiations developed by the node. From this stems the need to move beds and desks out of the danger zone, or to shield the node with patented devices. Plants placed on Hartmann nodes become diseased or die. Amongst pets dogs avoid the nodes and cats like to be on them.
Esperienze di Luce regularly organises short courses on how to find Hartmann nodes by yourself at home and/or in your work place in order to diffuse the awareness of the importance of this factor of geopathic stress in the generating of disturbances malaise, and sometimes illnesses.

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