One of the most frequent questions posed is, if there is a difference between the Angel Guide and the main Spirit Guide. The first point is to agree on terminology. The Angel Spirit or main Spirit Guide is an intermediary figure between Heaven and Earth, with different appellatives in different cultures, but which constitutes a human experience as old as the world.
Franco Santoro, founder of astroshamanism, calls this figure Heart Guide, and indeed by entering deeply into the heart we may perceive its presence and essence.
In our tradition the Angel Guide can be linked to the figure of the Guardian Angel.

Angel Guide and Main Spirit Guide

It’s not difficult to feel the presence of the Angel Guide, on condition that our hearts are pure and our intent elevated, otherwise the Angel, though close to us, will not manifest himself.
The Angel Guide, or main Spirit Guide, protects us, enlightens us with precious advice of light, and loves us unconditionally. This Being of Light besides possesses all encompassing view of the developmental motive of our existence on earth, and lovingly helps us to get back on the right track when we go astray, provided we’re willing to listen to him. The Angel Guide, in fact, can’t intervene in our free will, and if we don’t want to accept what he says, he’ll just give a generic protection but won’t be able to do anything else for us.
The Angel Guide, or main Spirit Guide, has never incarnated, and for this his vibration is extremely faint and delicate, almost impalpable. Like all other Angels it manifests itself as a perfume, or the feeling of the beat of a wing, or a light breeze.

Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides, unlike the Angel Guide or main Spirit Guide, are entities, previously incarnated, who have reached such a level of development as to become positive archetypes of humanity (for example the sage, the loving father, the all embracing mother). Sometimes erroneously someone calls a deceased loved one, Spirit Guide, (for example a grandmother, a father). The figures of relatives who’ve passed into another dimension may be perceived as Spirit Guides because we have the feeling that they accompany us, protect us and advise us.
It’s true that our deceased loved ones are close to us and try to communicate with us to help us improve our lives and ourselves. The term Spirit Guide is not correct in that case; strictly speaking the Spirit Guides are entities of light that indeed have broken the chain of reincarnations, or luminous archetypes of humanity.
In any case Spirit Guides have a more dense vibration than that of an Angel Guide, or main Spirit Guide, and a more restricted vision. They know only, or demonstrate that they know only, what they were summoned for.
They can be very to the point in this and give us precious lessons. It is good however to go back over the advice of the Spirit Guides with the Angel Guide or main Spirit Guide, who knows everything about us, as it’s very important not to confuse the partial view with the whole.

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