medical-astrologyWhat medical astrology is

Medical astrology in the system used in Esperienze di Luce is a specialist branch of karmic astrology. From the medical analysis (medical horoscope) of a natal chart it’s possible to verify the weak points of a person in terms of health, and point out the physical, psychic and spiritual components that might generate illness, thus making a valid prevention tool.

Possible causes of illness

For example at a physical level, an illness might be caused by a bad diet; at a psychic level, by a difficult relationship; at a spiritual level a block in development in the journey of purification from karma and the achievement of dharma (for the explanation of karma consult the karmic astrology section). Often an illness is the result of all these factors, or of at least two of them.

The usefulness of medical astrology

Medical astrology may help to understand how to prevent illness, and what cures might be more congenial in the case of a manifestation of an illness, if one should choose to follow natural or holistic treatment, rather than allopathic medicine, such as homeopathy or Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine. By more or less congenial treatment I mean that a person could follow homeopathic treatment without great results. In this case one might be lead to think that one’s homeopathic doctor is not that good, while the analysis of the birth chart using medical astrology (medical horoscope) could indicate that homeopathy is not the right form of treatment for that person, but rather acupuncture would be more appropriate.

Medical astrology doesn’t intend to do away with doctors but it could possibly be a back up for enlightened doctors who wanted to take into consideration the psychic and spiritual motives of an illness, and not only the physical ones.

In India even today, doctors use readings of the natal chart for a better diagnosis and to establish more appropriate treatment for each patient.

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