Karmic Astrology

In the site’s subsection dedicated to General Astrology I explain how in astrology, by means of study of the astrological houses, the planets in the signs and in houses, and the aspects formed between planets, in a personal natal chart (birth horoscope) it’s possible to know personal strong and weak points, so as to exploit strengths better and improve weak points.
Karmic astrology, particularly, defines the strong points and weak points in the destiny of personal evolution represented primarily in the lunar nodes, the southern and northern nodes.

Lunar nodes

Lunar nodes are the points of the orbit of the Moon in which it crosses the ecliptic, that is the apparent course of the Sun around the Earth. All the planets have nodes, but in astrology only those of the Moon are studied.
Furthermore the idea of lunar nodes comes from Indian astrology and only very recently have they come to be studied in western astrology.
The southern lunar node describes the sum of the karmic obstacles to be surmounted in life, the northern lunar node the spiritual development towards which one strives, whilst a correct balance between them represents dharma, correct behaviour, the best fulfilment of the soul possible in daily life. The evolution of the soul in fact is achieved through relationships, work, and everyday life.

Karmic aspects

Other karmic aspects are detectable, always within the framework of a natal chart read from a karmic viewpoint (karmic birth horoscope) in the analysis of the position of the Moon and the aspects it forms with other planets and the angles of the chart, in all square aspects, in the cusp of the fourth house (Imum Coeli), in the analysis of the twelfth house, of Saturn and retrograde planets. We ourselves decided when we were still disincarnated, to incarnate ourselves in a certain historical period or environment to improve different aspects of ourselves.


In the analysis of a natal chart according to karmic astrology (karmic birth horoscope), karma isn’t something to expiate in the present life for some wrongdoing in one or more past lives, but it is the tendency to repeat, with variations, the same behaviour patterns that attract the same type of event, until one is able to leave them behind.
Karmic astrology therefore is a map, an aid to understanding one’s destiny of personal development and that of those around us.

Other useful items in karmic astrology

In Esperienze di Luce’s system, besides studying the southern and northern lunar nodes in reading a natal chart from the karmic viewpoint (karmic birth horoscope), we also study two positions of the Black Moon, the true and mean, and certain asteroids.
The two positions of the Black Moon are linked respectively to karma and dharma; asteroids are most useful for major precision in reading.

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