Astrology courses
(on Google Hangouts)

Esperienze di Luce gives a basic course in karmic astrology lead by Paola Pierpaoli, who has thirty years experience in this field.
It is a basic course open to everybody, and you can follow the lessons comfortably from your home.
The course consists of twenty weekly lessons of two hours on Google Hangouts.
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Channeling training course
(video conferences and seminars)

Esperienze di Luce offers a two year training course in Channeling, following Paola Pierpaoli‘s method, outlined in her books and on this site.
This method sees channeling as the ability to communicate with the whole invisible world of light (Angels, Archangels, the Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Masters, nature devas, the deceased) via one’s Angel Guide or personal main Spirit Guide.
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Tarot card study and reading course
(on Google Hangouts)

Esperienze di Luce offers a course of Tarot card study and reading lead by Paola Pierpaoli.
The course combines theory and practice, drawing on Paola’s thirty years experience with Tarot cards.
Paola will explain the symbolism of the alchemic journey which is contained in the Major Arcana and also the meaning of the Minor Cards, and will give methods and techniques for Tarot card reading.
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