esperienze-di-luce-solar-revolutionWhat a solar revolution is

A solar revolution is the horoscope of the year, where for year is meant the period that goes from one birthday to the next. To draw up a solar revolution it’s necessary to know where the birthday was spent, or will be spent.

Choosing one’s solar revolution

Some astrologers specialize in discovering where in the world it will be more favorable to spend one’s birthday, since where one spends one’s birthday gives the imprint for the events for the rest of the year. So there are people who on their birthday take a plane to go to the other side of the world and the next day come back. All this is credible, even though there are some events, which one cannot in any case avoid.
Esperienze di Luce does not deal with this area of astrology, since it is rather rare that people have the means and time to undertake such trips. If however you are in doubt as to whether to spend your birthday in town or in another city, in some other place in the world, you may consult us to analyze the solar revolutions related to the places involved and see which is the most favorable.

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