angel-channeling-training-coursesChanneling training course

Experiences of Light offers a two-year channeling training course using   the method devised by Paola Pierpaoli, amply explained in her books and in this same site.

In this method, channeling is understood as the ability to communicate with the whole world of invisible light (Angels, Archangels, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Masters, devas of nature, the deceased) through the medium of the Angel Guide or main Spirit Guide.

In this course, in addition to channeling, which is dealt with in an experiential way, great attention is dedicated to the care of the psyche and the body, and to building a healthy relationship with the environment in which the participants live and work.

In fact to be a good channeler is connected with a continuous work on oneself to attain the emotional health fundamental for communication with the world of invisible light.

For this reason the channeling training course includes:
Bioenergetics exercises
Rooting exercises
Basic Feng Shui

Paola Pierpaoli personally teaches channeling, while the other above mentioned disciplines are taught by specialized teachers.

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to practice as a channeler  professionally  and for those who want to embark on a journey of personal growth, in the knowledge that the universe is immensely richer than what we normally experience through the five senses, or we catalog with the mind.


To facilitate the participants, who possibly come from different cities, part of the training will take place via video conference.
A closed group will also be created to exchange experiences online with the teacher’s supervision. This will allow just two meetings during each year of the course, with significant savings in costs for participants. The two annual meetings will be held in May and September from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.
It will be possible to join the course once started, at the discretion of the course coordinator.
At the end of the second year a certificate of attendance will be given.

FIRST YEAR (from January 2017 to December 2017, with a summer break)

The Ethics of channeling
Opening the Heart Chakra
Opening the Third Eye
Harmonization of the chakras
Individual session of activation of contact with the Angel Guide
Activation of contact with the Angel Guide of other people
How to obtain answers from the Angels and the world of invisible light for yourself and for others
Contacting the Higher Self
Basic Feng Shui
Hartmann Knots
Harmonization of the home or work environment through  Feng Shui expert consultation (optional)
Meeting with the guide animal
Communicating with Spirit Guides
Bioenergetics exercises
Rooting exercises

SECOND YEAR (from January 2018 to December 2018, with a summer break)

Communication with objects (psychometry)
Communication with crystals
Communication with the trees and with the spirits of nature
Communication with the spirit of places
Talking with the Archangels
Communicating with the Masters of Light
Communicating with the Beings of Light in charge of elevating vibrations of the Earth
Communication with the Akashic Records
Communication with the deceased
Bioenergetics exercises
Rooting exercises

At the end of the second year, an optional third year course is planned, in which participants will be authorised to conduct karmic cleansing sessions.

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