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In the system used by Paola Pierpaoli, the basis for any communication with the world of invisible light is the contact with the Angel Guide, or main Spirit Guide or  Heart Guide.

The Angel Guide, in fact, performs a protective function and a filter, so that the vibration of the light entities with whom we come in contact reach us in the  way most suited to our physical conditions mode of the moment.

According to the study path people follow with Esperienze di Luce, some people may wish to specialize exclusively in contact with the Angel Guide and with the Angels that accompany it, others may want instead to further explore communication with the world of invisible light and continue through the course of training or through individual seminars.

The 72 entities of the cabbala

As far as regards the main Spirit Guide, the description that the cabbala makes of the 72 angelic forms linked to the birth date is a good one. One must imagine however that each of the 72 angelic forms of the cabbala divide up into a myriad of little Angels, so that each of us has his own personal spark of angelic light. The personal Angel has many of the attributes of the Angel of the day of birth of the cabbala, since it is part of that host, with some nuances that render him just your personal Angel.

 Activation of contact with the Angel Guide sessions

Consider that it is relatively easy to perceive the presence of the Angel Guide and also to call for help and support in everyday life, while communicating with the Angel, that is, asking him questions for advice of light and being sure that the answers really come from him and not from your own mind takes some practice, precisely because of possible mental interference.

Three sessions for basic activation of contact with the Angel Guide and  beginning to interact with the Angel in daily life are necessary, at a recommended distance of about one month between them, to be even made even at a distance, via skype or by telephone.

To ensure that the answers to questions really come from the Angel a few sessions more may be needed.

Guided Meditation

In the video Paola Pierpaoli will guide you through a meditation to contact your main Spirit Guide, or Angel Guide.

It ‘s possible that during the guided meditation you will feel the Angel’s presence and also that you will see  him, just as it is possible that nothing will happen. If nothing happens you can try again after some time, possibly when you are not too tired or burdened with too many thoughts. The best mood to sense the presence of the Angel, indeed, is with a light heart.

It ‘also important to say that the Angels have no physical form, because they are pure light, but willingly take on a physical form in order to be closer to us, and the physical form they take is not random, but corresponds to their vibration, or the physical form assumed by the Angel contains a message. Similarly the Angels do not have a name, but in meditation you will be asked to give a name to your Angel. Once you have given a name, the Angel will respond to the vibrations of love that you will put in that name once pronounced.

To follow the proposed meditation in the video it’s better you  experience it when you are sure that no one will disturb you at home, you turn off the phone, and you light a white candle.

If you can contact the Angel following the guided meditation proposed in the video and you want to complete the basic activation, you can request the two sessions necessary to complete it.

If even after trying more than once, the contact with the Angel is not clear enough, you can request  the three sessions necessary to complete the basic activation.


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“Angels”, the music used in the video, is by Max Mattoni.