nature-devasDevas and elementals

One special branch of channeling is the possibility of communicating with devas of nature.
Both devas and elementals are considered nature spirits, although more exactly devas are the spirits of nature rather than elementals, in as much as they are superior consciousnesses and in direct contact with the divine.
Devas are more developed than elemental beings (fire spirits or salamanders, earth spirits or gnomes, air spirits or sylphs, water spirits or undines) in that the latter don’t distinguish between good and evil: their activity may be set into play either constructively or destructively.
Whereas devas are the angels of the earth: their spirits participate of the divine spirit, which is always constructive.
Elementals on the other hand, in their constructive function are in the service of devas and add to creating forms and structures within nature itself.

Elves and tree spirits

Amongst devas of nature there are tree spirits and a deva of the elves.
The elves’ task is that of creating balance and harmony in nature, while trees fundamentally have a spirit of service linked to the particular species to which each individual tree belongs (superior tree deva) and to the character of each individual tree (inferior tree deva).

Deva characteristics

Initially devas are diffident of humans, because they suffered a lot on our account, considering the devastation of nature perpetrated by man, especially in the last century.
To approach them they need to feel that the intent of those who want to get close to them is friendly, and that he who addresses them wants to help the single species of deva contacted (for example the elf deva or the superior deva of an oak) and so on for the devas of other species.
On the contrary to humans, devas are not selfish, and employ themselves for the wellbeing of everything.
To contact them, above all, one must first believe that they exist, then love them and have the sincere desire to render oneself useful for their help.
If these premises exist devas are most glad to interact with man to improve the conditions of all natural species and to help mankind, as in the case of the spiritual community of Findhorn, Scotland, where the devas helped the founders of the community through messages given to Dorothy MacLean – something she speaks of in her books – to have better crops, which were so exceptional as to attract visitors from all over the world.

Communication with devas

Communicating with devas is easy when the heart is open and one wants to sincerely work together.
In the Esperienze di Luce method this communication is obtained via the Angel Guide, like all communication with the invisible world; however a completely open heart towards them in any case will make it possible to receive messages from the devas.
As always the real problem for human beings is to achieve a real opening of the heart; even when it feels like one has an open heart, it’s never in fact completely open, due to emotional and mental interference. It’s due to this difficulty alone that for many it seems impossible to communicate with devas.
Read the excerpt from Paola Pierpaoli’s online book “Communicating with trees and nature spirits” in this site to understand more deeply how this communication works.

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