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I’m Paola Pierpaoli, a teacher, author, astrologer and channeler.
I have been involved in spiritual wellness since 1985, the year in which I started to be interested in karmic astrology. At that time I was in analysis with a Bioenergetics psychotherapist, and the study of karmic astrology helped me to find wider ranging answers to my existential enquiries, in that it allowed me to understand my project of development on Earth, that is, how my soul may evolve through everyday life and relationships.
My journey in the field of spiritual wellbeing continued with the acquaintance of medical astrology, which I studied with Massimo Frisari in Bologna, and which I felt I needed to delve into more with a course in Chinese medicine, which I studied at Villa Giada, in Rome, specialising in massage. I consider medical astrology as a specialisation of karmic astrology.
In the same period I became an expert in the symbolism of the tarot, which I began to read in an aware way for myself and later others.
I took yoga, tai chi, qi gong and nei gong courses, I specialised in energetic knowledge of crystals, and I started to study feng shui, the art of harmonizing spaces.
In 1994 in my first lesson of astroshamanism with my friend Franco Santoro I entered into contact with my Heart Guide, or my main Spirit Guide, or Guardian Angel. I followed Franco’s astroshamanism training course for three years.
From that first encounter with my Heart Guide I discovered I was a channeler, a person who may easily receive messages from Beings of Light, who surround us but are invisible to us.
I then became a channeling practioner, that is being able to communicate with Angels, with nature devas, Spirit Guides, Masters of Light, with Beings of Light who deal with increasing the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and with the departed to solve unresolved relationships.
I also learnt that every one is a potential channeler, a channeler of the messages of light present in creation, provided his intent is pure and he’s good hearted.
I’ve so far published three printed books on the subject of channeling: Initiation to contact with the Spirit Guide (ed. Mediterranee 2004), Healing with Angels (ed. Hermes 2006), Initiation to communication with the invisible world (ed. Mediterranee 2012), besides various articles for Astra and Armonia magazines. Recently, too, I have published my first self-produced e-book, available in English and Italian, Voices of Nature Spirits and am about to publish others.
In 2006 I formed Esperienze di Luce, a research project in constant development, together with other professional experts in the physical, psychic and spiritual wellbeing fields.

Paola Pierpaoli

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Spiritual and karmic astrology
Is a map, which through the study of karma and dharma in an individual birth chart (karmic horoscope) permits a wider comprehension of one’s personal development destiny (also on Skype). Contact me for further information.
Medical astrology
Compatibility astrology
Business astrology
Solar revolution
Channeling with a facilitator
Activating contact with the Angel Guide
Karmic cleansing
Mindful tarot card reading
Space cleansing
Exterior and interior furnishing


Articles I’ve published

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