According to Feng Shui the furniture decorating a house or studio/shop should be new, in that antique furniture carries with it the energy of the people it has belonged to.
Using channeling one can find out the history of a piece of furniture and whom it belonged to. Sometimes the furniture is in absolute harmony with the new owner, because it belonged to someone on the same wavelength and/or it is able to enhance his better qualities with its resonance.
Sometimes the piece of furniture witnessed heinous events, since an antique might have belonged to periods in which violence was present more in daily life than today. In cases of this kind a possible solution would be to completely strip and repaint the furniture or do without it completely, otherwise the energy absorbed by the furniture could harm the new owner, even simply inducing unpleasant thoughts.
As regards decorating a house or a work space to the best, in the approach of Esperienze di Luce the birth charts of the people who use the space in question are examined, in that there is precious information in the chart, revealing what is most suitable for each individual, also in terms of décor.
Sometimes in fact one tends to live at the minimum of one’s potential, and this attitude is reflected in the décor. Choosing a décor that brings out the best of one’s potential will help to transfer it to everyday life.
You don’t need to be of means to furnish your home or workplace better. Often you just have to use what you have already, merely just changing the positioning of ornaments and/or furniture, or harmonising them with little adjustments.

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This is the meetings room of a lawyer’s studio. In this room the clients feel fondled by the powder pink colour of the walls (a colour which harks back to women’s clothing of the 30’s and 40’s) reassured by the Persian carpet (the solidity of tradition) and convinced that innovative solutions will be found for their problems (the Le Corbusier table, the lamp stands and chairs of Philippe Starck, the abstract paintings). The lawyer who created the studio in his birth chart has a trine of Saturn (tradition) with Uranus (innovation) and therefore able to bring together these two aspects.

There is the same blend of ancient and modern for the living room of this town house (in the pictures during moving), in which the antique is in the Chesterfield sofas, the mythological bronze figures, one of which is converted into a standard lamp, the 19th century occasional tables and the early 19th century renaissance revival chest, while the modern is visible in the bookcase that dominates the room and the lamp which extends over one of the two sofas. It represents perfectly persons with strong Taurus/Capricorn (love for antiquity and tradition) and Aquarius (innovation).

This is the reception of a school of Italian for foreigners and in particular of a room in the school. The Art Nouveau architecture and windows in contrast with the modernity of the furnishing, also in this case harmonise the planets Saturn and Uranus conveying subliminally the respect for tradition and attention to what the world today may offer.

A little bit of the Orient – the curtain (covering a shelving unit for documents) and the fabric panel on the wall above the sofa, also the carpets, the cushions on the sofa and gauze curtains of the main window blend with the rest of the decor of this little study in a country house. The owner of the study has very strong Leo/Aquarius in her chart. Leo loves luxury here evoked in the oriental motifs and at the same time Aquarius maintains that the world has no borders.

A modern decor renders its best in front of ample windows looking onto green spaces. According to western astrology it’s suitable for people whose birth chart is dominated by fire and air elements, but considering the effects they often produce are order, simplicity and rigour, it’s also good for people with elements in Virgo. The connection with the element earth is maintained by means of the garden and the choice of parquet for the flooring.

The headboard of this French 18th century bed has been completely stripped and repainted. The central motif of two dancing Angels is copied from the original ex novo. The bed was witness to an unpleasant episode and thus this treatment was necessary.

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