Knowing which zodiac signs your lunar nodes are in can generally give you an idea of your personal evolution destiny.
To find them on your own, look in the sub menu calculate your nodes.
When a karmic natal chart (karmic birth horoscope) is drawn, besides the position of the lunar nodes in the zodiac signs, one also obtains their position in houses, and this allows a more profound understanding of one’s personal journey of development.
The interpretation of the whole of the karmic birth horoscope (the planets in signs and houses, the aspects between planets, the angles of the chart etc) will make it possible to locate in the sphere of the destiny of personal development – represented by the lunar nodes- the talents at one’s disposal to fulfill one’s own personal evolutionary journey in daily life, bearing in mind that through work, relationships and everyday problems our soul always evolves.
The reading of the karmic birth horoscope will also allow to define karmic obstacles which block the free expansion of the conscience, and therefore development, and the strategies for surmounting them.

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