Esperienze di Luce promotes channeling via an Angel Guide or main Spirit Guide, as one may surmise from having read the various subsections of this site dedicated to channeling and how Paola Pierpaoli has amply written in her books.
In this sense you can ask Paola Pierpaoli for channeling via her medium.
Paola Pierpaoli through her own Angel Guide can contact your Angel Guide, your Higher Self, and all the Beings of Light (Spirit Guides, Masters, Archangels) who will intervene to help you in specific situations.
In this case Paola Pierpaoli operates as a “medium” between you and the Beings of Light, even though the terms “medium” and “mediumism” are inappropriate (see the site’s section Channeling, for the distinction between “medium” and “channeler” and “mediumism” and “channeling”); however these are the words used most of the time to refer to this kind of communication.
You can ask for this kind of session if you need mindful advice about any sphere of your life and/or want to attain better enlightenment as to things you don’t understand fully.
Beings of Light reply to any kind of enquiry as long as it’s not of a provisional sort, in that they know well that many possible futures exist and that it depends on the free will of each individual to activate one or another.
It is also possible via Paola Pierpaoli’s channel to re-harmonize unresolved relationships with one’s deceased loved ones.

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