The journey undertaken by Paola was a real “reawakening” bringing together spirituality and day-to-day practical life; the Angels made my hidden talents emerge along a path to pure awareness transcending any duality.

Being a great fan of Tarot cards, in a very particular moment of my life I had the fortune to meet Paola, a competent person able to reply to all my many queries, thus giving me the necessary clarity to make decisions, which revealed to be successful. Thank you Paola.

Studying karmic astrology with Paola has taught me to understand others and myself better, and comprehend the hidden motives in relationships, so improving my ability to accept others.

I started a business with a friend of mine, something which Paola advised me against, because our integrated chart showed clearly that we wouldn’t get on: and in fact after a couple of years we closed, having wasted a lot of energy and money… needless to say I should have followed the astrological guidance.

The contact with the Angel Guide has brought magic and levity into my every day life; my Angel put me back gently in touch with my creativity and allowed me to reconcile myself with my sensitivity.

The Esperienze di Luce School has changed my life substantially. Through contact with my higher self and beings of light I’ve been enabled to become more aware of important life decisions to be made for a more efficient change of my “here and now”. The enlightened advice channeled through the several meditations lead in the school brought me later to a deeply radical inner journey, involving every aspect, whether psychophysical or spiritual, of human nature. Today having made the choice to listen to myself in life coherently, I’d like to thank my teacher, Paola Pierpaoli, warmly for helping me to lay the foundations for a new approach to transforming the difficulties and the karma that the soul bears with itself from one life to the next, in total contact and connection with what is around us, whether visible or invisible, this latter, too, being an integral part of us.

My experience with Paola Pierpaoli started a few years ago. After a long period of psychoanalysis I felt the need to have answers to all the conflicts that more and more gradually emerged. One day as I was looking for something on Internet, I can’t remember what, Paola’s name came up. I called her and even though I was profoundly confused in myself, I thought it was the right track. So I started my course of karmic cleansing, which had an immediate effect on me and so I was able to find the answers to many questions psychoanalysis hadn’t solved. By this I don’t mean psychoanalysis doesn’t work, but for me it only goes so far, after which spirituality comes into play, and with Paola I got on the right track, in my modest opinion. I contacted my Angel Guide with her and from that moment on I found the tranquillity I’d been looking for, for so long. I can only say thanks, never-ending thanks because I still frequent her and not out of habit or dependence.

I’m not totally inexpert in the esoteric world; I’ve studied it and been involved in it for thirty years. But meeting Paola and Pasquale opened new horizons. Paola with her sweet seriousness and long experience takes you along a path of the active practice of an important aspect of the occult: the revelation of Angels and one’s personal Angel, daily communication with it, the sense of its proximity and calling on it in the most irrelevant and banal situations: the fact of being aware of an always available entity, undisturbed by our questions, our hesitations, that yet exists exclusively to take us by the hand. The first step, or level transcending the idea of “we are not alone”. Paola is also a guide to the fatiguing regression of karmic cleansing, the journey through the absolute panorama of the development of the soul over reincarnations. Pasquale and Feng Shui. Rather Pasquale is Feng Shui. The continual revelation of the energy of the material world, of the value of objects and the harmonization of their placement, the equilibrium of the environment and its direct consequences on one’s life. Lightness as opposed to heaviness, flux as opposed to stasis and energy blockage. Becoming aware of the laws governing these vibrational realities, the know how as regards dealing with the five basic elements, water, fire, wood, metal and earth to make adjustments, corrections and cure: and thus live in harmony. On the other hand to recognize the sign and character of energy flows marking every day through the discipline of date selection. These are direct experiences of Light, which have entered daily life, elevated to the level of constant aware experience. People like Paola and Pasquale who live and teach these things and do it in the most fraternal and normal way possible, don’t they vibrate at a level close that of Angels?

The sensation I had following the course of communication with the Angel Guide and higher self was like that I had as a child when I ran to dive into the sea where I lived to get away from the noise of the world. Paola taught me how to create a haven from the drudge of daily life, a station of light in the heart where the melodies of Levity, Joy and Peace prevail.

How to contact the multi dimensional world, to centre the mind and feelings with the heart, to understand one’s ego’s role are some of the things I learnt following Paola Pierpaoli’s training course in multidimensional communication. “Spiritual Literacy” sustains and illuminates my inner journey. This commitment made with myself and with the Beings of Light brings me in daily life as a result to awareness and love for other living beings, allowing me to live limpidly and on a higher energy level. Thanks to Paola and the Beings of Light for being so available for us humans.

I met Paola a few days after my arrival in Rome. I’m really happy to have met her. In her authenticity she has helped me to start an important part of my journey towards light. I’ll always be grateful. Thanks, with all my LOVE.

Meeting Paola has been important for me. She’s an attentive, serene, lucid spiritual guide, who helps you to rediscover the joy and love inside of you. The sessions with her gave me support in a growing process: loosening ties and rediscovering a greater awareness of one’s own resources of energy. The group meditations in a profitable exchange of give and take are for me lifeblood for a spiritual journey and the perception of angelic presences.

The three years spent with Paola during the “Esperienze di Luce” training course were, may I say, some of the most personality forming experiences of my life. In the course of the various seminars so many incredible things happened that one just can’t explain, which matured me spiritually and made me feel as if I’d come to the very core of my soul, some one connected to herself but above all with the whole universe! With Paola and thanks to her providential philosophy of the multidimensional experiential school, I can certainly say I’m reborn: I was desperately looking for a different answer to my wrecked earthly existence after two sudden terrible losses had annihilated any certainty, and thanks to her I found a splendid, at the same time ruthless, world of sheer beauty and love. Each element in this school has had a deep resonance; the most beautiful experience was channeling with angels, spirit guides, the masters, guides, the unbounded love swelling from their messages – something already in itself surprising – and that’s not all. For me it was outstanding to discover through the use of stones an access way to our inner worlds, to travel through time, to be able to communicate with animals, plants, marvellous trees, in this way verifying with the correct tools the school has given us the importance of inner and outer cleanliness, also in the approach of feng shui to the ambience. I intimately comprehended that everything in this world has a meaning, even though it’s unexplainable rationally and that there is a root of love in everything and nothing is left to chance. I discovered a deep empathy with the other in the school with whom – thanks to the presence of a Bio-energetic psychologist – we questioned ourselves profoundly without fearing the judgement of the others and without massacring ourselves but forgiving ourselves, because there’s a reason for everything; I learnt to love myself through an inner elaboration, trying to figure out the meaning of things that happen or have happened to us and which are not just part of this life but go beyond it. I truly thank Paola for everything.