Experiences of Light association offers a course of Tarot reading by Paola Pierpaoli.

The content of this course is both theoretical and experiential: drawing on her thirty years of experience in the use of the Tarot, Paola Pierpaoli explains the symbolism of the alchemical journey inherent to the Major Arcana and the significance of the Minor Arcana, and provide tools and techniques for divination with the Tarot.

A mindful reading of the Tarot allows clearer understanding of oneself and others, and leads to a better handling of situations. In some cases, but not always (see subsection Tarot) it allows one to know the outcome of a situation.

Through 14 weekly lessons of two hours each, the course allows everyone to comfortably follow the lessons from home.

Furthermore, the use of a simple drop-box enables participants to communicate with each other and with the teacher, which is particularly useful especially at the stage where you start to practice reading with the Tarot.

At the end of the course participants will obtain a certificate stating their knowledge and expertise in the use of the Tarot.

 The course of Tarot Reading begins every time a small group of 4 people is formed. Sign up now!