Seminar schedule voices of nature
with Paola Pierpaoli 

  • Initiating contact with the Angel Guide, or Guide of the Heart (practical)
  • Elementals and devas of nature (theoretical)
  • How to tune into the energy of plants and how to receive messages from them (practical)
  • How to tune into the energy of trees and how to receive messages from them. Lower devas and higher devas of trees (practical, outdoors, learning how to communicate with the species of trees in situ)
  • Elves: how to tune into their energy and how to communicate with them (practical, outdoors, learning how to communicate with the elves of the place)
  • The spirits of places (practical, outdoors, learning how to communicate with the spirits of several places where the seminar will take place)
  • Hartmann nodes (practical)
  • Personal meditation garden planning (theoretical and practical)
  • Plant and recycled material arrangement (practical)

By personal garden we intend an arrangement of two or three plants and natural elements such as twigs, stones and moss. Planning and arranging a personal garden in a workshop aims at recreating a natural environment in a small space easily managed in a modern flat with reduced space and little light.

What to bring: a mat, cushion, blanket, notebook for notes and/or tape recorder, robust gardening gloves, a vessel that can be used as a plant pot, preferably with a hole in the bottom; a small stone, a twig or piece of bark, that is a natural element to be used in the arrangement.

Paola Pierpaoli, a teacher, writer, astrologer and channeler, is the author of the books: Initiation to contact with the Spirit Guide, ed. Mediterranee, 2004; Healing with the Angels, ed. Hermes 2006; Introduction to communication with the invisible world, ed. Mediterranee, 2012; Voices of the spirits of nature, e-book, copyright Paola Pierpaoli 2013.

 Workshop timetable

Sat 21st May
11.00-11.30 Registration
11.30-13.30 Workshop
13.30-15.00 Lunch
15.00-19.30 Workshop (with thirty minutes coffee break)

Sun 22nd May
10.00-13.00 Workshop
13.00-15.00 Lunch break and transfer to public  park
15.00-18.30 Workshop

 The workshop is in Italian with English translation

Information and booking
mobile 3491351067